Autumn Leaving

I changed my door hanging today. This morning it was a metal basket of pansies. Now it is a grapevine wreath with orange and yellow leaves and berries.

Because Miles gave me flak when we walked outdoors this morning saying, “Momma, it’s not summer anymore. You have to change the door. You have to.”

I’ve spent today seeing my last clients for a week and doing laundry. Tonight I pack myself up for New York. I pack the boys’ bag to spend the weekend with their father who arrives tomorrow afternoon and will stay until Sunday morning.

Oh, and Daniel called at 2 PM to inform me that he could only get a reservation for Thursday night at the Holiday Inn. Not Friday. Not Saturday. Is there anything I could do to help him?

Right, like offer my apartment for him to stay in when I’m out of town. It’d be one thing if I was in town and he had to crash on the futon and he had nowhere else to go and he took total responsibility for the boys and didn’t leave them with me so he could go out with friends.

But that’s not what happened in the past. And I’m NOT in town this weekend. So how can he really think I’d be okay with him in my space with my private things and full access to whatever he wanted?

Best part is: He called the hotel today. He’s had his plane tickets for at least two weeks. BEST part is that his wife is the marketing manager for a five-star hotel.

Can I fall on the floor laughing/screaming now?

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One response to “Autumn Leaving

  1. Words fail me as far as Daniel is concerned.

    What a complete tool.

    Safe journey!

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