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Japanese Girlfriend

So I’ve been wearing my “Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend” t-shirt whilst in NYC this weekend. People have been drawn to it, therefore staring at my chest because as Viviane pointed out today at lunch, there’s a big pink circle right between my breasts. So, yeah, it’s pretty bold.


But this afternoon, after buying gifts at Strand and walking back to the apartment wearing the t-shirt and a grey skirt, a Japanese girl walked past, looked over . . . and smiled.

And that was pretty great.

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We walked into the Mercer Street Babeland today so I could replace my Dynamic Duo and the Babelander at the counter greeted me with a big smile and eye contact. Then she came over when I had a question about slappers. Then I told her what I’d come for. She said, “I recognize you. I sold you one of these before, like, a year ago.”

And I was like, “Damn.”

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