Tonight my ex-husband looks me up and down and says, “You look great! You’re so skinny–show me?”


I’m no thinner than I was when we were married, unless you count the 22 pounds of pregnancy weight which were long gone when we split up.

And then I wave it off, “I’m not so skinny, I’m just happy.”

. . .which really is the sweetest thing.


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3 responses to “Sweetness

  1. Maybe he’s realizing his new wife is a pudge.

    Oh, I did not just say that!

    The best revenge post-divorce is being hotter than ever.

  2. naturalhigh

    and happier. The best revenge is always to land on your feet and get a new life.

  3. What, you didn’t say “Yes, I just lost 210 lbs of ugly fat this last June..”?

    A missed opportunity. Although it must be said, your line is way classier. But mine is still funny. Heh.

    Oh, and btw — you’ve been tagged. Rawr!

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