Non Li Amo

You call and ask if I’m free tonight, “…a long shot, I know.”

I’ve just been fucked like a bitch by my love as three others watched and came, their come swirling together, homogenizing in a pool at the small of my back.

I do not return your call.

I return to our bed where life is still and time is heavy haze, where cunt swallows cock. I breathe the air from his mouth, making it mine. When he dies I will pull his last breath deep inside me, imprisoning his soul within my ribcage.

He fits me. Loves me.

Quietly rocking, writhing, bending, pulling, stretching, gasping, squirming. Content. Senza voce.

I do not love you, because when we fuck, I am discontented. Impatient. Growling.

When we fuck, my hand does not move to your cheek, tracing its thumb across your brow. You do not shut your eyes and turn into it, kissing my palm.

Because you do not love me.


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2 responses to “Non Li Amo

  1. Annie

    that’s pretty pathetic!

  2. I know, right?!

    Heh, that comment sat in my moderation box for months because, hello, who thinks this blog is some kind of responsible media outlet where both sides are fairly represented? Oops! If you write a mean comment, do you really think I’m going to publish it? That’s why comment moderation was invented, yo.

    Then the more I saw that comment, the more I realized, as Bugs says, “She don’t know me so good.” And, well, that’s just sad. Let’s make friends, Annie. I’ll let you play with my, ahem, Little Pony if you’ll let me take a crack at your Battleship.

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