My Life, It is so Glamourful.

I’m tired. Overwhelmed by too much housework and not enough workwork.

Jack is home, whining, because 1) he is tired and 2) he is constipated.

It’s not funny. A constipated four year old is not funny at all. He’s freaking out, scared to poop, and my fuse, she is not so long.

I should go; he wants to watch a VHS (even constipated, the brother is ol’skool) and the only VCR is in my bedroom. I have to go hide vibrators and lube.


Filed under Frustration, Kids, Parenting

2 responses to “My Life, It is so Glamourful.

  1. FLAX SEEDS!! PRUNE JUICE!!! ahhh poor bum.

  2. No worries, I gave him a shot of espresso and a couple drags on my cigarette.

    Good poop!

    Just kidding–I don’t smoke. It was the neighbor’s cigarette.

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