Seven Things

1. Jack and I spent three hours in the ER last Sunday getting his chin stitched up after he smashed his face into the jungle gym. It was Power Ranger related.

2. My mom the nurse is taking the stitches out today. In a couple hours.

3. The boys are with their dad and stepmother and new* baby brother at the hotel.

4. I am too hungover for the work I have to do this weekend and next week. Projects loom. Big projects. Huge.

5. Coffee is good.

6a. My children’s stepmother is, while a bit overly protective of her son, a nice person.

6b. My ex is a dumbass who brushed his fingers down my arm in that weird way when we were alone and loading things in at the trunk of the car.

7. Ew.

* The baby is almost a year old, but this is the first time they’ve seen him

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One response to “Seven Things

  1. Humh.. um… uhh… wha? Ahem.

    That Jack had a Power Rangers-related injury and the ER and stitches were involved surprises me not a jot.

    That Lurleen is a nice person surprises me less than you’d think.

    That your ex-hole (tm Madame X) brushed his fingers down your arm in the weird way gave me the same reaction as you had before I read # 7.

    And, last but not least, hell yeah, coffee is good. I nearly got some blood in my caffeine system last week, but fortunately not. Heh.


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