Ache. Ach.

My phone rang at 7:30 this morning. Jack’s little voice was on the other end.

“Momma, I want to come home. To my house. I miss you. Please, Momma, please. I don’t like it here with Daddy.”

He and Miles won’t be home for another two weeks.

I totally hate it.


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4 responses to “Ache. Ach.

  1. pinkadillies

    Awww – that brought tears to my eyes 😦 I know it’s so hard to hear your kids sad. I hate that for you! ((hugs))

  2. zed

    awwww 😦 that’s a really tough one.

  3. meg

    i bought a new pack of cigarettes today. i’ll meet you outside. my balcony or your pumpkin patch?

  4. Cody

    Your boys are very cute (though I know that doesn’t help). The older one could pass for a young Zac Hanson. From me, that is a rather large compliment.

    Also, my cousins would go through the same thing each time they were forced to spend with their father–who, for a myriad of actions too vile to print here, is a very bad person.

    Hearing them cry on the phone would break my Aunt’s heart. Back when she had a heart.

    Anyway, it sucks and I’m sorry. Nobody should have to hurt.

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