I’ll see your “dumbass” and raise you “inconsiderate fuck”

stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

i just got an email from daniel with his flight itinerary for his next visit which was supposed to be friday-sunday. a very nice note accompanied it, saying that a conference came up and he decided to move the visit to sunday-tuesday. how sweet.

no phone call, no email, no “will this work instead? i really need to attend this conference and i really miss the kids so can we change the dates?” nope, “i’ve moved the visit to sunday morning and i’ll drop them off at school on tuesday.”

wow, so yeah, they have hebrew school for three hours on sunday, regular school for six hours on monday and tae kwon do for an hour and a half monday evening. should be plenty of time to get in your “it’s always a party with dad” activities. that, and you know, homework and stuff.

not to mention that i’ve committed to working at a charity benefit all day saturday because they were supposed to be with him.

i want to go back to bed and wake up and hear that he’s magically been transformed into a beetle so i can squash him on the pavement with a satisfying crunch.


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3 responses to “I’ll see your “dumbass” and raise you “inconsiderate fuck”

  1. I just packaged up a really large can of K12000, and addressed it to Madline, c/o Mad Words. This way, even if he doesn’t magically transform into a beetle, you can still spray it in his face.

    I hope you conveyed your displeasure to him in the traditional manner. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in that area, and i’ll pack my baseball bat and be on the next plane.


  2. What a turd. You can borrow that term on my fridge that I have written on a picture of Prezzie Dubya: “cockfuck”, as it seems, you know, appropriate in this sitch.

  3. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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