Guth. Guthier. Guthiest.

I bet you didn’t even notice I was gone, did you?

For eighteen hours I took up residence in Chicago, one of my favorite cities. Sixteen of those were spent in the company of Kelly, a boy I haven’t told you about, but whom I like immensely, at a swanky hotel near Water Tower Place. The remaining two were spent at the Argo Tea Cafe with the ginormously funny and cool Amy Guth.

We sat outside on a beautiful, sunny day and traded stories of cats and dogs, siblings and well, the things that kids do and say. It will be a while before I can hear “vagina” and not scream in a fit of laughter. Seriously, it’s good we were outside, because we have very similar laughs: a hearty “HAAA!” followed by peals of giggles.

It was great fun, and I thank her for taking the time to meet up. Next time I’m in town, the tea will be replaced with respectable amounts of wine. Think about it, Guthieroo: When we’re old ladies in Boca and we want to get the gang together to play mah jonng, it can be a three drink minimum and then all the altecockers will get ripped and then everyone gets laid. The end.


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4 responses to “Guth. Guthier. Guthiest.

  1. Collette

    I love that Argo tea cafe. Lovely tourist/plastic-surgery-prone resident watching. When I’m sad or grumpy, my husband often offers to take me to Borders and then to Argo.

    I’m glad you love the (my!) city. I do too. But 18 hours? Good for a bra but not for enough for a visit. Come back.

  2. Dude!
    I was sitting outside and this couple–this horribly hip and tragically tucked couple–sat at the table down from me. He carried her Gucci shopping bags while she, weighted down with hyooge sunglasses,a tank top, SCARF and jeans with sparkly pockets cuffed ABOVE her knee-length Coach boots and a green felt hat that made me think of that elf from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (the dentist. you know the one) had me giggling to myself.
    I’m sure I’ll be back. I used to spend a lot of time there. Any suggestions for a fancy hotel with MODERN suites in the Gold Coast area would be greatly appreciated. There was just way too much chintz in this joint.

  3. Collette

    Tragically tucked. I love it. I must tell you now, I’ll probably steal it. But properly attribute it of course. You’ll be a conversation footnote.

    As for hotels, the Peninsula is nice but very pricey as is the Park Hyatt. (Although the Peninsula sometimes has suites for stay one night get one free. Who am I kidding? Still expensive.) Not super modern but not full o’ chintz. I haven’t stayed at the Sofitel but have heard good things about it and it’s actually on my list of places I want to stay. The James is very modern and supposed to be nice but is a few blocks further south (more River North than Gold Coast). The Conrad used to be the Meridien and is lovely, basically sitting atop Nordstroms. (And how can that be wrong I ask you? Ooh, Vosges chocolates is also in that building. Yum.)

    If you’re willing to go south of the river, the Hotel Monaco is nice. It’s not sleek modern but more eclectic modern. (If I’m making any sense.) In the loop, the Hotel Burnham is fun–really nicely done renovation of the Burnham office building. The transoms and original hallways are intact. But I keep taking you further south, don’t I? Sorry!

    I realize now, that for someone who lives in the city, I’ve stayed in a surprising number of hotels here.

    Shit, you haven’t even gotten me started on dining. I love telling people where to go. (And all that that implies.)

    And the knitting stores…

    And the sex shops…

    Stick with me baby, I’ll take you places. 😉

  4. I keep sitting down to comment and getting distracted. Oy.


    Subsequent visits, yes. Wine, yes. HA-giggles, yes.

    (PS-“butt AND vagina!”)

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