Glossing Over

It’s Autumn!


I mean, I love hot weather, don’t misunderstand, but I love, love, love it when the air turns chilly and I have to put the downy duvet back on the bed.

(Also, I really prefer jerking off with a cover of some sort. I think it may have to do with muffling the sounds of my battery-powered fuckbots, but even when I’m home alone, give me a sheet, even, and I’m much happier.)

In celebration of Autumn, I bought new lipgloss: Maybelline’s shiny*licious in Chocolate Cherry. Unnnnnnhmygod, it is the perfect color, and not sticky. Like, my chin-length hair doesn’t get caught on my mouth when the slightest wind blows. It makes my lips shiny and looking like they aren’t wearing anything. Just how I like it.

So, this morning, after I took the kids to school in chilly 40-degree temps, Kelly brought me coffee. 40 minutes later he was out the door on his way to an all-morning meeting and I was pulling on my shirt, leggings and big writerly cardigan. I walked past my dresser and saw my new lipgloss. “Mmm,” I thought, “my lips are a bit dry.” So I slicked it on, stepped back and stared in wonder.

Do you know what 40 minutes of cocksucking does to a pair of lips like mine? Not to mention topping them with chocolate cherries (By the way, it SMELLS like chocolate!)? I’m talking beestung, man.


I may actually use up the entire tube of this stuff, and that never happens. Now, if I can only figure out a way to keep these lips full all day long which doesn’t involve periodically producing a dildo from my purse…



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2 responses to “Glossing Over

  1. I just had a vision of you ‘plumping’ in the check out of the grocery store. That would be highly entertaining.

  2. Hey-buh bay-buh, your-buh lip-buh-ses is-buh big-buh.

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