so, pretty much a waste of a week. last monday I had the whole oral surgery thing, then just as I was coming out of it on thursday, the stomach virus hit, resulting in day-long pukage. then this monday a nasty fight with one of my brothers (more on that later), followed promptly by a raging UTI.

stress much? sheesh.

so I looked and discovered that mars is going into retrograde for a few months. brilliant.

slow down and get used to the crazy, folks.

coming up: check out my latest decision to be a grownup and tell my brother exactly what I think of him.


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  1. Wishing you loads better, darlin’.

    I would have called, but i was figuring that you’d rather not talk, after oral surgery and much “ki”.

    Am very excited to hear about you giving your brother hell. Very. That’ll be the highlight of my week.

    Kisses and very delicate hugs,
    J x

  2. “nasty fight with one of my brothers” – This seems to be a theme. I told my brother to fuck off last night. Let me know how the telling your brother exactly what you think of him goes because I would love to do that but I am chicken shit when it comes to my brother.

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