I Like You. You, Notsomuch.

On Xmas eve Jack decided to cut his hair. It was my mother’s fault for leaving the wrapping paper and scissors and tape out, and he could just as easily have decided to disguise himself as a gift, I suppose, but he hacked into his bangs instead. On the cowlick side. So, whatever, I took him to see Vix, who cuts my hair and she gave him the awesomest David Bowie c. 1977 haircut ever.


She also gave me a copy of I Like You: Entertaining Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris. This is a book you should have for the back cover photo alone, not to mention the gobs of info and hilarity inside. Seriously, guys, I want to be invited to a party at Amy’s. I would bring piles of quarters to buy things and also a present for her bunny. I would!

Got up at 3:30 and drove my boys to the airport to visit their dad for a week. Came home SEVEN HOURS LATER and shoveled the sidewalk. Clients have canceled appointments today, so I’m staying in and writing with my spankin’ new Sirius-via-DishNetwork Satellite Radio.

I really dislike the DishNetwork Customer Service people.

I’m not a big fan of the dude who installed my system. I am a big fan of the dude who bought my system.

I was actually more excited about the Amy Sedaris book, though I do like the Sirius channels. Now I am going to listen to them.





Please, let me sleep.


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4 responses to “I Like You. You, Notsomuch.

  1. lululeelee

    OK so you don’t know me, and you are going to think I am a huge dork for admitting this but…. I get bored in the car so I listened to audio books on CD. I recently “heard” the Amy Sedaris book you were talking about. She was not only the auther of the book, but also the narator. I loved this book. She has a great sence of humor and her treatment of guests had me laughing as I drove down the highway or was stuck in traffic.

  2. Now, see, that’s what I love. Knowing the cadence of that lady’s voice when she earnestly explains her entertaining philosophy is why I laugh out loud while reading this book.

    I feel kind of like a creepy stalker, but I want an intro. We could have such fun, Amy and me!

    Her bong water reference on Martha Stewart was reason enough for us to be BFsF. Now, it’s like we were separated as toddlers, what with the fantastical moneymaking schemes and the fascination with pompoms and unconventional housepets.

  3. I once met a man. As we talked in his apartment, he frequently referred to his friend and next-door neighbor Amy. “Apparently, she’s famous and on television. Have you heard of Amy Sedaris?”

    It felt wrong to ask him to become my new best friend.

  4. You are of no further use to me, Mr. Jefferson.

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