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Eat Me, You Shall!


Miles wants this cake. I saw the instructions and went, “Dude, I am not an artist.”

“But you’re a baker,” he countered, “you can bake anything.”

Not this, Young Skywalker, not this.


Via GirlFarts.


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My Panties on the Internets

So I was searching Blingo (!) for “knitted panties pattern” because I’m feeling a need to be knitting some knickers and, well, that’s what I do.

Check out what I found: Knitting Erotica.

“So what?” you may say, “We get it, already, Mad. Knitting is sexy. Fine.”

You have to click on the link and scroll down, because at the bottom of the page is a photo of me modeling the panties I knit (and actually wear. . . oh, so cozy in the winter!).

This marks the first time I’ve accidentally stumbled upon myself whilst riding a big, hard search engine. Nice that I’m in a suggestive pose.

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Hooker Geeks

It’s pretty, right?

It’s a goddamn hypberbolic plane, crocheted by a mathematician.

I know! I got all quivery.

via BoingBoing 

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