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Eating Cherries

In lieu of a breakfast smoothie, check what i made myself this morning: so easy, you can do it, too!

In an oven-safe bowl, I poured one cup of PLAIN yogurt. I added a drop (one DROP) of vanilla. Then I dumped in about half a cup of frozen, pitted, tart cherries. Sounds good, right?

THEN I stirred it and popped it into the oven until it was nice and hot. Added a pinch of cinnamon.
There are no eggs, it’s gluten-free and it tastes like the küchen my grandmother used to make.

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Toast from the New York Times – Slashfood

Oh, my goodness.

Have I mentioned that I’m off yeast and gluten, which means no yummy toast? (Note that I said “yummy,” because as near as I can tell, the yeast-free, gluten-free rice flour “bread” I broke down and bought because it was just too painful to be without toast? SO not toastable. Also, it tastes like vinegar. Blech. Bring back my whole wheat.) So sad.


However, I am a giver, and so I give you this awesome piece of shiny kitchen delightfulness: The NYT Toaster! Imagine! Sitting in your pjs doing the crossword while eating toast emblazoned with the instantly recognizable T from the logo!

Would-be over-the-shoulder-puzzle-helpers won’t even try to crowd in on your Acrosses and Downs, ur so smrt, obvs.

Toast from the New York Times – Slashfood

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